The Future of MRI Safety

Empowering Imaging Centers to scan all of their MRI patients safely

Stop being surprised by implants or metal in your patients. Our software pre-screens patients and notifies Imaging Centers of safety issues in advance.

Unmet MRI Safety Needs

The Problem

Every day, imaging centers face the challenge of MRI patients arriving for their scans, only to discover the patient has an implant or metal in their body.

This is a big problem for the patient and the imaging center!

Everybody Loses

Imagine the frustration and disappointment of a patient who has prepared for their MRI, only to be turned away at the last minute.

For the imaging center, this means rescheduling an upset patient, and a loss of revenue.

The Solution

Our software pre-screens patients and provides timely notifications about implants or metal.

We empower imaging centers to address safety issues proactively. No more last-minute surprises, no more rescheduling.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Love Nature are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller

what makes us different

Made by Technologists for Technologists

Safety First

Advanced algorithms identify potential MRI hazards, ensuring patient safety.


Reduce rescheduling costs and enhance revenue with efficient MRI Safety Screenings.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Reduce rescheduling and enhance the patient experience.

Streamlined Scheduling

With advanced notifications, manage and optimize your daily MRI schedules.

Efficiency Boost

Automated pre-screening saves time and reduces potential errors.

Data Security

HIPAA-compliant data protection ensures patient information is safe.


Customized for MRI Safety

Advanced Pre-Screening

Identify potential MRI hazards before the appointment.

Real-time Notifications

Get instant alerts about patient safety concerns.

Detailed Patient Management

Comprehensive MRI Safety insights for every patient.

Secure Data Protection

HIPAA-compliant and encrypted data storage.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our software uses advanced algorithms to analyze patient data and identify potential MRI hazards, notifying you in advance of the patient’s appointment.

Our software partially automates your screening department, freeing up your staff to do more urgent or critical work.

Most Imaging Centers put a lot of effort into preventing being surprised by implants or metal. Imagine how much time you will save by automating part of that process.

Most patients do not understand all of the questions that an MRI Safety Screening form asks. Our software explains these medical terms, so they understand the question that’s being asked. Plus, it allows patients to fill out the screening form at their convenience.


This saves your staff time from repeatedly explaining medical terminology. 

It’s simple, pay a monthly fee and then pay what you use.


Our pricing is based on usage. We have a base rate per month, and a flat fee per patient after you pass the base rate.

Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees. Any updates or new standard features are included in your subscription.

It helps to overcome staffing shortages by automating the screening process, and increases patient and staff satisfaction. 

Coming Soon!

We'll let you know when we launch and may give an update or two along the way.